Industrial strength power to meet demanding environments.

Versatility and power come together in this highly polished family of chain.

Stainless steel can be used for a variety of demanding industrial applications as well as marine applications that require added corrosion resistance or the esthetic appeal of polished chain.


Grade 50

Proof tested, load rated & approved for overhead lifting this T316L chain is highly corrosion resistant and low magnetic.

Type 304

A good general purpose rustproof stainless steel chain, not for overhead lifting.

Type 316

Highly resistant to corrosion these chains are perfect for marine, chemical, water treatment and pharmaceutical applications.  Not for overhead lifting.

Windlass Chain

T316 Stainless Steel Chain made to High-Test Grade 40 (G4) dimensions for use with most manufacturer brands

Use stainless steel chain in extreme environments
for added longevity.